Add Windows 11 Widgets A Step-by-Step Guide

Add Windows 11 Widgets A Step-by-Step Guide

Windows 11 provides a range of preloaded widgets that allow users to access quick information on their interests. Additionally, users can include third-party widgets to extend their PC’s functionality. Here are some of the best widgets available:

1-Outlook Calendar :

This widget allows users to quickly view all of their calendar events and create new ones. Users can customize the widget’s size to suit their preferences.

2-Photos :

Users can view a slideshow of their OneDrive account’s stored pictures with the Photos widget, which features smooth transitions. The widget’s settings can be adjusted to increase the size of the pictures.

3-Weather :

To view the day’s weather forecast, users can use the Weather widget, which fetches the most up-to-date information and displays it in a compact, visually appealing manner. The temperature unit can be customized based on the user’s location.

4-Traffic :

The Traffic widget provides information about traffic in the user’s vicinity, automatically retrieving the user’s current location. If a traffic jam is detected nearby, an alert will appear in the taskbar. The widget can also be manually set to display traffic data for a specific location.

5-Sports :

This widget is ideal for sports enthusiasts who want to keep up with the latest scores for games around the world. Users can select which games and teams to display the scores for.

6-To Do :

The To-Do widget allows users to manage their daily tasks, including creating new tasks, marking existing ones as complete, and starring important tasks. The widget is linked to Microsoft’s To Do app.

7-Watchlist :

This widget allows users to track stock prices for various stocks worldwide. Users can customize the widget to only display stocks of interest.

8-Entertainment :

With the Entertainment widget, users can learn about the latest movie and show releases in their area.

9-Widget Launcher :

This third-party widget brings with it multiple gadgets, each dedicated to a specific task, such as displaying the times of various countries or reading RSS feeds. Users can customize the widget’s appearance using multiple skins.

10-Desktop Gadgets :

Desktop Gadgets is another widget launcher that adds useful widgets to a user’s PC, such as a world clock, CPU monitor, weather bar, and notes app. All the gadgets are highly customizable to display relevant information.

All of these widget devices are highly configurable, which means you can alter them to show the most pertinent information to you.

How to Use Windows 11 Widgets?

In Windows 11, viewing widgets is as simple as selecting a choice or Press a computer shortcut.

To activate the keyboard shortcut, press Windows+ W on your keyboard. You’ll notice your PC’s tools area right away.

Or Clicking the weather symbol in the bottom-left area of your screen will also bring up the widgets’ menu. It will start the same widget area that you can access via the keyboard shortcut.

Installing a Widget in Windows 11

Do the following to add a new gadget to your PC’s widget area.

By pressing Windows+W or choosing the weather symbol in the bottom-left area, you can access the widget bar. Then, at the widget bar’s top, select the “+” (plus) symbol.

There will be a “Add Widgets” option. Find the gadget you want to add, then select the “+” (plus) icon next to it.Your gadget of choice has now been put to your widget bar. You’re ready to go.
How to Hide an Existing Windows 11 Widget
Follow the steps below to remove a gadget so it no longer appears in your widget area.

To access the widget bar, Press Windows+W or click the weather icon in the bottom-left area of your screen. Then, locate the gadget you want to disable.

Click the three stars in the widget’s upper-right area. Select “Unpin Widget” from the active options.

Your gadget has been deleted from the widget area in Windows 11. And you’re done.

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